Weekly Update #2 Whats on the lot

Weekly Update Round 2

Update on what great deals we have ready to ride on our lot as of TODAY  9/5/2019

We have a absolutely spotless beautiful 2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe, A great addition to your collection a 2011 Custom Sporster-Chopper, a 2002 Honda VTX, a garage kept beauty 2002 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard, a fully stock ready to build up or ride as is 2004 Harley-Davidson FXST along with a bad ass custom 2014 Softail, along with a blue slimmed down 2005 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail and last but not least we have a blacked out Harley-Davidson Road King.


We have bikes being worked on to hit the lot as I type this, check on our social media sites for the updates!

Call for price inquires

Haven’t been in recently? Come in check out what we got going on!

1304 SE 10th St. Cape Coral, 33990



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    You don expect the handsome and talented Luke Macfarlane to spend all of his [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/cookie-jarring-a-dating-trend-to-watch-out-by-ukraine-ladies/]Ukraine women[/url] moment Scotty to Matthew Rhys Kevin on ABC Sisters do you?

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    Twice nominated for an Emmy for her show on Sisters, Rachel is mostly of the performers who has successfully segued from one beloved series to another. She played Brenda on HBO Feet Under for five seasons earning the Golden Globe for her work and earning two Emmy nods. (She also was Oscar nominated for her role in the film Jackie and had roles in such films as Wedding, it down, newbie and Myself and I. The sisters front, Sarah very appreciably quit her job at the family company after just one too many battles with her late father mistress who, Through a string of predicaments, Became an opponent.

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    She thinks her show might be helping educate along with entertain: Love that the voice of our show is the political through in which you. The greatest way to change people thinking is to make them familiar and care about those unfortunates who are gay or who have AIDS. Not to be told anything but to just fall madly in love and say, My lord, I really love this character and he gay and I desire him to get married and it kind of shocks me. You find yourself just wanting the best for that character like you would your own son. but the truth is, I could use even more Kevin and Scotty and a lot less Walker family fights. The first two episodes have displayed all out brawls over A) Tommy firing Kevin as the attorney for the scrambling family business and B) Kitty writing a book about her husband presidential bid in which she seems to malign every relation. 26 part. Go to the site to see whilst. I believe thec couple has dinner with Scotty parents. If you recollect from last season, Scotty mom is not cool with all the current gay thing.

    Sunday night season premiere of Sisters had more Walker family drama than normal with just too much packed into one episode, an excessive amount of to process. I guessing it because last season was cut short and storylines had to be moved forward but the only characters that had any really sweet and clever scenes (Except for one shared by Justin and Rebecca in the final analysis) Were our gay newlyweds Kevin and Scotty whose getaway weekend in Laguna became overrun by Walkers.

    The scenes I did enjoy were between Sally Field and Patricia Wettig that were very Krystal and Alexis from and it was cool, And very out of attitude, The way Sally Nora dropped the bit of info to Patricia Holly that late family patriarch william Walker had another child with another woman.

    Holly: Don come to feel you. (happy smugly): have to.

    good, i still hooked. But take your time! say no to.

    Season three of Sisters is right around the corner and that means lots of fresh material on Kevin and Scotty, the couple played by Luke MacFarlane (more) since Matthew Rhys. It been a wonderful storyline for the show, For viewers and for society particularly with the scary Sarah Palin of the world fighting against equal rights for gays. Kevin and Scotty on prime time TV and Luke and Noah on daytime the World Turns and the just married Ellen DeGeneres put us into people living rooms in a manner that is positive and real and not shame based.

    What better still about Luke Macfarlane is that after two years of playing Scotty, He came out publicly as a gay man in interviews with the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

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